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君ト僕だけのF I L M ♥
yucchi black

Temporary journal for subtitle post purpose only

yucchi love

First of all thank you for coming to this sale post. To be honest I never imagine that one day I have to be apart from these babies T__T but I don't have many choice, I've been unemployed for some months now and I desperately need some cash. If you interested with some of these please don't hesitate to contact me as mention in below post's. Unfortunately I cannot ship internationally for the time being, thus sale will only for Indonesian, I'm sorry. Thank you again for stopping by. Have a good day.

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Machigawarechatta Otoko Episode 3 English Subtitle
yucchi love
wm03-1 cap

Hello! Sorry it took so long, we doing our best this time as well. This is a nice episode, Yucchi's acting are so good, and he also very cute :3 we get to see some skins too LOL. Kay then, I hope you guys enjoy watching <3

...why are we here creeping in all sushi shops in Kuramae.Collapse )

Machigawarechatta Otoko Episode 2 English Subtitle
yucchi facepalm
wm02 cap

The second episode is here! Yay! I get a lot of help to finish this ;A; I hope the quality's okay for you guys. Please enjoy!

If we don't escape...Collapse )

Machigawarechatta Otoko Episode 1 English Subtitle
yucchi rescue
wm01 cap

Hi, I'm back! I know I've said that I'll work on this drama since last year >_< But this is just such hard drama to work on for me, and real life stuffs keep getting me away. I'm sorry. I'll do my best from now. But I also couldn't promise that the next release will be quick. I hope you can be patient and enjoy it slowly :'D
Okay without further ado, please enjoy <3

Suzuki Muneo desu...Collapse )

Omoni Naitemasu Episode 8 (final) English Subtitle
yucchi love
We're so sorry for taking so long. Thank you so much for waiting.
Here's the sub, by all means, please enjoy it <3

But, if you only prioritize your own feelings, you can't bring happiness to that person.Collapse )

Omoni Naitemasu Episode 7 English Subtitle
yucchi LOL

Good morning! Happy Belated Mother's Day!
It's time for Omoni sub, kinda taking so long, but it's here now, yay!

I can paint you more beautiful than himCollapse )

Omoni Naitemasu Episode 6 English Subtitle
yucchi love

Good morning! Happy Labour Day!
Here some unrelated post with labour day, that's right, Omoni sub!

From now on, I will be the place you can turn to.Collapse )

Omoni Naitemasu Episode 5 English Subtitle
yucchi omoni rain

As promised, here is the subtitle of episode 5. Enjoy!

Izumi-san, why are you so beautiful..Collapse )

Omoni Naitemasu Episode 4 English Subtitle
yucchi omoni

Hi, as I've mentioned before, finally I post the first subtitle that I working at. Please enjoy.

Akamatsu-sensei..Collapse )